Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) is the native mechanism to remote desktop into a windows server operating system.  

As IT professionals manage a growing number of servers in the cloud, it becomes increasingly important to manage and store those credentials for ease of use.  Most IT professionals prefer to use RDC as the method of remotely accessing servers as it simplifies troubleshooting issues for end users.  

Deskulous was solely designed with this in mind. Our focus from the start was to create a management tool that allows for managing many windows servers and user profiles in one interface.  We don’t focus on all the bells and whistles that is in other software but maintain a goal of having our software streamlined for accessing windows profiles through RDC quickly and efficiently.  For MSPs, IT Professionals, or any individual that needs to manage several windows servers and different profiles, deskulous fits a specific need giving 4 click access into potentially hundreds of windows servers and windows login profiles.